From now on, autocalibration is integrated into the EasyConfig system. Make the adjustment of your system easily with the help of BEXPRO-NS EasyConfig system.

    From now on no cable required! Fully integrated Bluetooh BEXPRO Interface support.

    Our EasyConfig system allows you to easily program different operations on your LPG system. No need to browse the manual anymore. Simple fill out EasyConfig and BEXPRO-NS will configured your LPG system automatically. It is really very easy.
BEXPRO-NS Versions

BEXPRO-NS new alternative software for Prins Vsi is divided into two versions “Home” and “Business” edition.

BEXPRO-NS “Home” is designed for customers who want to change, basic functions, settings for switching between gasoline and LPG, with the help of the auto-calibration, the injection times of the gas injectors. So the the car switches smoothly from petrol to LPG. The optimal settings also reduce gas consumption. An additional feature in the version of “Home” is the ability to read and erase the fault memory of Prins Vsi.

BEXPRO-NS “Home” and “Business” is the only one on the market with EasyConfig System – the innovative feature of  auto-calibration and settings for switching petrol / LPG.

BEXPRO-NS “Business” is  for customers requiring to change all the settings and functions, or activating a new ECU Prins Vsi- gas computer. In this version you will find all the functions of the “Home” edition, you can change any parameters, display up to 8 graphs, and save all the settings and the configuration to a file.

For owners of the “Home” version, there is the possibility to buy  an upgrade from the “Home” to “Business” edition.

This solution is very useful for those who wants to get familiar with  the “Home” edition and switch later to “Business“. Upgrade can be bought at any time.

 Home EditionBusiness Edition
activating a new system
show 8 graphs simultaneously
show 4 graphs simultaneously
switching time
empty tank adjustment
temperature swichting
show all combobox parameter
select all combobox parameter (1)
support during installation
Auto Updates
Upgrade to next Edition
trouble codes reading
trouble codes clearing
show all adjust parameter (2)
changing all adjust parameter (2)
save configuration into file
(1) selectable for Home: Inj1_in to Inj8_in, Inj1_out to Inj8_out, RPM, LPG_cor, LPG_switch, LPG_status, DCY_LPG
(2) changeable for Home: RC_Inj, Off_Inj, Low_level, Idle_Level, Temp_min, TSO_warm, TSO_cold, RPM_min